Trade Secrets

In today’s increasingly competitive business climate, the need to protect proprietary technological and business information is at an all-time high. With ever-shortening business cycles, it may be prudent to avail oneself to trade secret protection as opposed to the patent issuance, under which it may take years to obtain protection. Kenyon & Kenyon LLP has worked with its clients to establish appropriate procedures to secure their sensitive information. The firm’s success in this area has enabled clients to minimize the inappropriate disclosure of trade secrets.

Kenyon is a leader in navigating across the intersection of law and science because a majority of the firm's attorneys have technical degrees and some have worked in their technical industries before joining the firm. This is one of the main reasons why leading-edge technology companies routinely turn to the firm with their technical trade secret issues.

In addition, Kenyon relies on the resources found in our trademarkcopyright and trade dress practices. The firm’s experience in addressing the concerns of clients in their marketing and advertising efforts has allowed us to develop a wealth of experience in, for example, protecting customer lists and unreleased product designs.

In the event a trade secret has been misappropriated, the firm is intimately familiar with the necessary procedures to minimize the disclosure and obtain compensation for the theft. Those steps include enforcement of non-disclosure agreements, copyright, unfair competition, theft of trade secret as well as other state and common law remedies. Kenyon  has also successfully defended against frivolous trade secret claims, proving that there was no misappropriation or, in fact, no trade secret at all.