Due Diligence

Kenyon & Kenyon LLP provides due diligence reviews and portfolio audits of intellectual property assets held by companies across every industry and sector in connection with investments, IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, licensing and technology transfer transactions, corporate reorganizations, and divestments. When our clients are considering purchasing or licensing the IP rights of another company, we conduct due diligence reviews to determine the likelihood of third-party infringement challenges arising as a result of those assets. We also review the target IP to ensure that it aligns with the overall business objectives of our clients. In addition, we develop portfolio optimization strategies, directing our clients’ investments towards IP assets capable of generating adequate returns within the timeframe desired, and advising when depreciated IP assets should be divested.

We have handled due diligence reviews for companies in industries which include biotechnology, medical products and devices, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and materials science, e-commerce, internet technology, electronics, telecommunications, entertainment and media, and real estate, among others. In addition, we conduct portfolio audits to determine the durability of IP rights in the marketplace. On behalf of companies which own IP assets, we help maximize the value of their portfolios by addressing weaknesses in their IP, identifying potential streams of revenue that can be accessed via licensing opportunities or litigation, and developing investment and product development initiatives to increase market share and profitability.