Kenyon & Kenyon LLP provides its clients with extensive counseling in the areas of intellectual property development, protection, and licensing.  We advise our clients on the best strategies to protect their key technology developments, to evaluate litigation risks and, where possible, to avoid conflicts with the intellectual property rights of others.

The extensive technical and legal expertise of our attorneys, coupled with Kenyon’s vast experience in intellectual property transactions throughout the world, allows us to better understand the intellectual property problems encountered by companies in today’s environment. In addition, some of our attorneys have worked in-house at technology companies before coming to Kenyon. Our clients benefit from this first-hand experience with the business and legal problems that confront today’s high technology companies.

Portfolio Evaluation

Patents are assets. Kenyon attorneys routinely evaluate the patent portfolios of our clients and their competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses therein. Often, these portfolios can include thousands of patents. We perform portfolio evaluation in many contexts, for example, as a precursor to licensing efforts, to prepare for anticipated litigation and to support investment decisions contemplated by our clients.

Patent Prosecution Programs

In the patent area, Kenyon’s attorneys help clients develop patent prosecution programs designed to cover the client’s core product areas. These programs also assist the client in obtaining patents for use in cross-licensing negotiations or generating license revenue on products marketed by others. At a time when many companies are aggressively exploiting their patent portfolios through industry licensing campaigns, Kenyon enables clients to obtain the best possible license deal through negotiation and if necessary, litigation.

Global Experience

Our extensive experience with intellectual property issues overseas, particularly in Europe and Japan, enables us to advise our clients on patent issues in a global context. We can call on a worldwide network of trusted associates to provide us with analysis of intellectual property issues in specific countries. Many of Kenyon’s attorneys have been involved in licensing negotiations for worldwide rights in a wide variety of technologies.

Litigation Counseling

When litigation is threatened, Kenyon can provide timely and thorough opinions on issues of patent validity, infringement, and enforceability. We also advise clients on procedures such as mini-trials, arbitrations, and mediations, all of which can avoid costly, time-consuming court litigations.

In addition, Kenyon provides due diligence reviews of the whole range of intellectual property rights in connection with mergers and acquisitions.