Venture Capital

Kenyon & Kenyon LLP is well-positioned to help venture capital firms establish and grow portfolios which generate organic revenue growth and market value. As experienced intellectual property counsel for companies in emerging and established markets, we know how to assess the value and longevity of IP assets held by companies across a range of industries. We utilize this skill in our representation of venture capital firms by conducting due diligence into target investments and advising on which ones hold IP assets likely to deliver high returns without giving rise to competitor challenges. We also help venture capital firms mitigate risk by advising their portfolio companies on how to design durable patents and design around potentially problematic third-party patents. In addition, we work with our clients’ portfolio companies to enhance their value through licensing and technology transfer agreements, as well as comprehensive trademark and brand name protection strategies. Should our clients’ portfolio companies become engaged in litigation, our top ranked IP litigators are able to successfully enforce and defend their IP assets.