Industrial and Equipment Manufacturing

Kenyon & Kenyon LLP develops intellectual property strategies which protect and enhance the market positions held by hundreds of industrial and equipment manufacturers. We secure, enforce, and defend the IP assets underlying the valuable technologies, products, and brands of leading producers of appliances, commercial printing presses, automotive components, construction materials, and industrial technology products. Our focus throughout is consistently centered on protecting our clients’ IP assets in a manner which helps them drive revenue, preserve product longevity, and build relationships with partners, suppliers, and consumers. The IP services that we provide to industrial and equipment manufacturers include litigation and dispute resolution, patent prosecution, patent opinion work, due diligence, licensing and transactional work, and trademark searching and filing campaigns.

Our representation of industrial and equipment manufacturers in high stakes IP litigations brought before district and appellate courts has resulted in summary judgment wins and favorable jury verdicts for our clients. With experience litigating in the busiest forums for IP litigation, we know the courts well and are able to advise our clients accordingly. This has proved particularly valuable in instances where our ability to transfer cases to favorable forums has played a critical role in the outcome of the case. Of further value to our industrial and equipment manufacturing clients is our adeptness at initiating and defending actions before the U.S. International Trade Commission (“ITC”). Our ITC practice, lauded by Managing Intellectual Property, as being among the best in the nation, is comprised of attorneys who formerly worked at the ITC. This affords us an insider’s understanding of the venue, which we use to protect our clients’ rights, as well as challenge the rights of their competitors, to import products into the United States, thereby improving their access to potential commercial partners and consumers.

In the patent prosecution context, we draft durable patents capable of withstanding challenges brought by competitors. We also optimize the IP portfolios of our industrial and equipment manufacturing clients by identifying licensing opportunities capable of generating additional revenue and forming strategic alliances with partners and peers. To that end, we negotiate licensing agreements on behalf of both licensors and licensees. In addition, we offer periodic portfolio audits, which enable us to identify under-protected assets, as well as those which no longer merit the resources required to maintain them.

In furtherance of our clients’ interests in preserving business relationships and avoiding the costs of litigation, we render product clearance opinions and opinions regarding the likelihood of infringement, as well as advise on how to design around particular patents. We also mitigate risk for our clients by conducting due diligence reviews of third-party portfolios to prevent our clients from acquiring potentially problematic assets. To ensure that our clients yield the most value from their IP, we negotiate favorable contracts, export agreements, and technology transfer agreements. Further, we handle trademark searches and filing campaigns to secure protection for new product lines and enhance brand image.

Our ability to safeguard the IP assets of industrial and equipment manufacturers is enhanced by the educational and career backgrounds of our attorneys. Over 70 attorneys at the firm hold undergraduate and/or advanced degrees in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, and/or computer science, facilitating our ability to understand the science behind our clients’ innovations and therefore, allowing us to approach each matter with efficiency. As a testament to our aptitude in the field, our attorneys are frequently invited to speak on IP issues that are of particular importance in the field of engineering, such as licensing and patent litigation, by leading organizations which include the New York Intellectual Property Law Association, the Practicing Law Institute, and the American Conference Institute.