Electrical and Computer

Kenyon & Kenyon LLP protects technologies and innovations that are at the core of products used by millions of people each day. We are trusted IP counsel to some of the world’s largest technology and electronics companies. Between our industry experience, and our team of more than 50 attorneys who hold degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, and related fields, we understand the complex science behind semiconductor materials, computer hardware and software, electronic components, and networking technologies. We use this knowledge to provide comprehensive intellectual property services, including prosecuting and litigating patents and trademarks, negotiating agreements pertaining to licenses, exports and technology transfers, and conducting portfolio audits, and due diligence reviews.

A significant portion of our experience representing computer, electronics, and networking technology companies involves patent litigation. The technologies involved in these suits pertain to, among others, computers, handheld electronic communication devices, game systems, automotive systems, and electronic components, cd, dvd, and blu-ray players, graphics display technologies, v-chip technologies, digital book readers, electronic learning tools, commercial software applications, and proprietary software programs essential to our clients’ business operations. We have litigated these cases in the forums where computer, electronics, and networking technology companies commonly litigate, including the Eastern District of Texas and the Northern District of California. Our multi-jurisdictional experience plays a critical role in our ability to help our clients accomplish their litigation goals. In addition to being familiar with which courts favor specific kinds of companies, we are adept at winning motions to transfer cases into favorable jurisdictions when the circumstances allow us to do so. This is one of the many ways in which we deliver results that align with our clients’ goals. Our skill in this regard is evidenced by the long-standing relationships we have built with our clients by winning summary judgments and favorable claim construction rulings and verdicts. We have also recovered damages awards known to be the largest in our client’s industry at the time rendered. In addition, our clients trust our aptitude for winning dismissals with prejudice and eliminating the potential for multiple litigations involving the same patent by convincing courts that opposing party claims asserted for particular patents are invalid. We also employ our experience before the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Uninterrupted market access is a key component of success and product value preservation for the computer, electronics, and networking communications companies that we represent. We help them maintain market access by defeating permanent injunction motions filed by opposing parties. We also initiate and defend investigations before the International Trade Commission (“ITC”), protecting our clients’ access to multi-billion dollar markets by defending their rights to import products into the United States, as well as by securing exclusion orders against their competitors.

Our litigation capabilities are bolstered by our vast experience prosecuting patents covering a wide range of computer hardware, software, electronics, and networking technologies. We are adept at designing patents that withstand infringement and validity challenges. Our patent prosecution attorneys have filed and obtained thousands of patents in this field, in both domestic and foreign patent offices. In addition to honing knowledge that drives efficiency, we have a strong network of foreign associates who are available to assist us with filings throughout the world.

Of particular value to computer, electronics, and networking technology companies is our experience identifying licensing opportunities and negotiating such agreements to generate revenue and form strategic alliances with partners and peers. We employ our scientific knowledge covering a wide range of hi-tech innovations to help our clients compete in a crowded IP space by developing licensing strategies, which allow them to effectively license their own innovations, as well as to capitalize on the innovations developed by their peers.

Further, through our industry insight, we advise our clients on how to make investment decisions that will support their long-term business objectives. Through portfolio audits, counseling, and due diligence services, we evaluate existing and prospective holdings to help our clients maximize the value of their intellectual property. We also secure and protect new product names through trademark searches and filing campaigns, and negotiate contracts, export agreements, and technology transfer agreements.