Aerospace and Defense

Kenyon & Kenyon LLP secures and protects intellectual property rights for U.S., Europe, and Japan based companies operating in the aerospace and defense industries. With many attorneys who have worked in these industries, and/or served in the military, we possess a sophisticated understanding not only of the technology behind our clients’ products, but also the large-scale implications and significance that such products have in the world. Kenyon's practice includes attorneys who have the security clearances necessary to permit us to handle IP matters pertaining to highly-classified cutting-edge aerospace and defense industry innovations. We also hold undergraduate or advanced degrees in mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering and materials science, which, combined with our experience, positions us to provide second-to-none IP representation that drives the industrial value of our clients’ product and systems innovations.

Kenyon’s work in the aerospace and defense industries includes drafting and prosecuting comprehensive patent applications, evaluating and rendering opinions about existing and prospective patent portfolios, and defending and enforcing patents in court. We also secure and enforce new product names, and negotiate contracts, licenses, export agreements, and technology transfer agreements.

The technologies and products that we have helped our clients protect include:

  • Aircraft engines
  • Aircraft surveillance and encryption technologies
  • Aircraft, avionics, and navigational systems
  • Airfoils
  • Air-launched weapons
  • Composite materials
  • Fuselage design
  • Heat-resistant metallurgy
  • Missile defense systems
  • Satellites and altitude control systems
  • Spacecraft and rocketry
  • Turbines and turbine blades