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Kenyon Successfully Represents Toyota in Years-Long Patent Litigation

Kenyon & Kenyon LLP successfully represented Toyota Motor Corp. in a long term patent litigation against American Vehicular Sciences (AVS). Originally brought by AVS in the Eastern District of Texas, the matter asserted 24 patents across seven separate cases – accusing essentially every major Toyota vehicular safety system. In the three years since the original filing, the Kenyon team filed 12 separate petitions for inter partes review (IPR) and won a stay in the E.D. Tex. pending resolution of the IPRs. The Patent Trial and Appeal Board granted each of the IPRs, and significant claims were cancelled or dropped. Additionally, the Kenyon team successfully petitioned the Federal Circuit for a writ of mandamus and the case was transferred from the E.D. Tex. to the Eastern District of Michigan, and filed various invalidity summary judgment papers, causing the plaintiff to drop a number of other asserted patents. In May of 2015, the E.D. Mich. granted the plaintiff’s unopposed motions to dismiss with prejudice all of the remaining cases against Toyota. (2015)




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